WOW. It’s been ages!

Haven’t talked to anyone from RS tag or posted in months but how’s everyone if anyone remembers me or anyone new to the tag?! <3


AP Soccer requested my changing of default pic. :D

rs-apsoccer asked:
You should change your icon to White PHat :3

You’re right! lmao i did in game but not here yet.

minusthetruth asked:
Can i do Kalphite KIng with you sometime?


Anonymous asked:
What do I have to do on cam for 100M

Well… that is rather flattering. c; lololol


I am happy that Jagex is cracking down on  this gambling on Runescape but yeah…Thanks for the probably -300m+ loss to my bank now in total shit.<3

My friend’s epic YOLO SWAG anthem for Runescape. Made me think of how everyone jokes on the rs tag about yolo/swag. xD LOVE IT!

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